Tampa engagement session at Phillipe Park | Jordan + Adam

Tampa engagement session at Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor, Fl. Tampa wedding photographer

I received an email with a submission to a wedding date in a YACHT!!! I was surprised that Jordan contacted me because she follow my work in INSTAGRAM !! Then we were sitting at the Starbucks talking about their wedding and their lives... then I was with this beautiful couple spending the afternoon of Sunday Super Bowl in this amazing park (Phillipe Park) taking beautiful pics for their engagement session. Even was a little bit chilly they ROCKED IT!!! They are going to get married in a YACHT!!! YES the most amazingly romantic way during sunset!!

Their Story:Adam and I met a year ago while moving. My fiancé had suddenly passed away a few months before and my son and I unfortunately had to move out of our home and in with friends. A girl I worked with offered to help me move and brought her husband and his friends. Adam arrived with his F250 and helped move everything without hesitation. We didn't say a word to one another other than me thanking him. We later ran into each other on a few occasions and as time passed we started to develop an interest in one another. Adam was very respectful and supportive of what I had been through and when I was ready, we developed a romantic relationship. 8 months later he proposed to me on the Dunedin Causeway, a place we had enjoyed visiting together. He had my mom and son arrive with a banner as he proposed. My mom had been lost driving and he kept it cool as he anxiously waited for her to arrive because he wanted my son to be there for the moment. My ring has a family stone in the center that belonged to his grandmother. Her husband of many many years passed away a few years ago and he had given her the ring later in life. She is a snowbird and when she came down to Florida for the winter she met Adam for dinner. Adam told her how serious his feelings for me were getting and without any hesitation she took the ring off her finger and told Adam she wanted him to have it because she had never seen him so in love before.Advice from the bride to be:My advice is to never give up faith and that God works in mysterious ways.

Videography: Allura Studios, LLC

Location: Phillipe Park

Outfit (HER): Dottie Couter Boutique

Outfit (HIS): Express

PROPS: Michael's Craft Stores

Tampa engagement session at the Pillage Park in Safety Harbor, Florida. Tampa wedding photographer
Tampa engagement session at the Phillipe Park, tampa wedding photographer

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