Making your moments, UNIQUE memories FOREVER... that is exactly what I am doing with all the people who let me "freeze" those special moments in their lives...

I am married with an amazing man, I have two lovely and beautiful kids, I have a lovely mexican and portuguese family. So, you can tell I love the food, I am loud and I love to dance!!! My favourite colour is purple and I love penguins :) Today I am a Tampa wedding photographer and I LOVE IT!!

Our Story

Since 2011 Mir*Salgado Photography has been creating moments as the best memories for the people to have. Life is full of moments and you don't want to miss them, your heart and memory are full of those but your eyes sometimes missed some of them, this is my job to get those memories in beautiful pictures for you and your family.Now we are part of ALLURA STUDIOS,LLC and we are offering VIDEOGRAPHY services too.

I graduated in Sales and Marketing and I loved it. Actually I worked in this area for almost ten years. Once I got married and started traveling the world, I just couldn't find something to further develop my I decided (an idea by my husband) to take a complete course and certify myself in photography while we lived in London. I love photography, love to tell stories by images, my biggest passion is make other laugh ( and I think I am pretty good at it LOL). 

Up until now I experienced an amazing time in shooting weddings, portraits, special events and everything that crossed my lens, so that I can share with people that SPECIAL MOMENT they wanted to freeze in time!!! I already had the chance to work with so many amazing people in countries like: SPAIN, PORTUGAL, ENGLAND, MEXICO, JAMAICA & USA. Working with different people around the world made more "neutral" in many ways, I eat any kind of food , I always find a solution (or my husband does) to almost everything. I think I become a part of your story too at the very first moment we make contact, I have friends that were first my clients hehe I am in love of LIFE so everything I do , i put my heart on it.

So don't think twice and feel free to send me an email to tell me more about you, comment my work or maybe sign up to freeze some special moments of yours in front my camera...

"Do you want your moments be UNIQUE Memories FOREVER...??"

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"Making your moments, unique memories forever"