St.Petersburg Beach Engagement Session | Samantha + Brian

Where I can start, Brian is the best friend of Sam's cousin, this is how they met each other through him . They started dating in November of 2013 and eventually he moved down to Tampa to be with Sam. They had a super relationship dating, hanging out with friends and finally Brian decided to propose to her while all the family took a trip to New York City for New Years eve!!! He didn't want it to be on Christmas Eve, so he tried to plan it for their anniversary but wasn't able to, so he did it the day after. He had it planned for months, with the help of Sam;s sister and her mother :). He also asked for Samantha's dad blessing, which of course he got and he picked the song (their song) "Then" by Brad Paisley.

The morning before he proposed everyone went to Central Park, Samantha's mom drop off the CD with the music beforehand as well as got all the tickets arranged to ice skating that night!!. They went to ice skating that night and everyone acted really excited about the idea so she would be convinced to of instead of skipping out. They skated for about an hour before it started. The managers cleared everyone off the ice--of course they skipped Brian, Sam, Brandie and her best friend Emily , so they could take pictures of the moment. Sam was freaking out because she thought they have to leave but Brian kept asking her to take picture infront the tree. When everyone was off, they started the music and Brian proposed in front of thousands of people at the Rockefeller.!! Afterwards they got a complementary glass of champagne in the Restaurante at the Rockefeller , the same they are going to use at their wedding as their Champagnes flutes. They had their engagement session in a super romantic and rainy day at the beach, one of my favourites in St.Pete where they live :) We can't wait to shoot their wedding next April 29th, 2017!! 

Location: Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, Florida

Make up and Hair Artist: Amanda Rangel

Videography: Allura Studios, LLC

We didnt expect to have a rainy session but turned to it super romantic!! LOVE how they fit on it with hugs an covering each other from the rain :) Totally romantic moments!!

Aren't they super cute together?? Look here!! They have the same FALCON's t-shirt!! LOVE IT!

And to celebrate almost at the end of the session they made a toast with their favourite "Moscato Spumanti"!!!

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