Surprise Proposal at the beach of Clearwater, Fl | Baillie + Alex

Alex and Baillie have been together for almost three years now, they are from Canada but Baillie is working here in Tampa until next summer. So, Alex planned this beautiful surprise to her from Canada. Days before coming to Tampa, he contacted me to plan a beautiful session at the beach where he was planning to surprise her asking her to marry him. It was a beautiful and chilly day in Florida but everything went perfect We planned this moment days before, and this couldn't be more perfect. Baillie was super happy with the surprise  as  Alex !!!

I want to share here some of my favourites today ,yes today in Valentine's Day so we all celebrate this amazing moment with Baillie & Alex. Congratulations again guys!!! 

Hugs to all of you and to this lovely couple who made a super fun and romantic session that afternoon. 

LOCATION: Clearwater Beach, FL

GLASSES: Home Goods

BEVERAGEs : Proseco, Cupcake. Publix

PROPS: Michael's

PHOTOS: Mir Salgado Photography

VIDEO: Allura Studios

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