3 Reasons Why you should go LIVE during your wedding ceremony

One of the newest trends in weddings I have been seen often the last five months , is specially when the couple is doing a Destination wedding and they have family who couldn't make it to their wedding, they decided to GO LIVE !! Yes!!! GO LIVE by Facebook, YouTube or LIVESTREAM

I am going to give you three reasons why you should do a LIVESTREAM video during your wedding ceremony or wedding day!!!

  1. DESTINATION WEDDINGS. Most of the couples who decide to do a destination wedding have the same problem , there is always someone who cannot make it in that day because they live far away, because they got sick or because it wasn't simply for them easy to travel at that moment . They feel happy and sad at the same time that they cannot be able to see what is happening or the beautiful set up the couple has for their ceremony, or just the exactly moment when the couple say I DO and kiss for the first time. Going LIVE is great to include those special  guests in your special day too.
livestream-wedding-video-ceremony, St.Petebeach-wedding

2. ELOPEMENTS. There are couples who chose to have a really quite and intimate moment to get married. Elopements are a new trend and many people love to do this, enjoying just the two of them for a small ceremony and sometimes this ceremony also take place in a special location too. But in many cases they really want to share the moment just for their beloved ones. This is a great way to include the people you care most in a small LiVE video . Is still intimate and quiet but with some online LOVE too.

beach-wedding-ceremony-go-live, Florida-destination-wedding

3. HEALTH PROBLEMS. We all have family who live far away from us, many times you cannot control live events like; sickness, accidents or pregnancies. This is a GREAT way to include those guests who had a special situation and may be will not be able to make it to the wedding day. In this way they will share with you the special moment in real time. They will be more than grateful and happy with you two for make this kind of act to them, so they can be part of your wedding day and enjoy it IN REAL TIME.

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So, think about these reasons; if you are having a Destination wedding, or have family and friends that probably are not going to be able to make it to your wedding day for different reasons. Then this is a very good option to make them part of such a special day in your lives.

Some options to make it happen are:

The first one and the easiest one is FACEBOOK LIVE!!! then the YouTube livestream and then also you can do it with the LIVESTREAM page. Dont forget to share the news with the people you want to see it and charge your phones!!!