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" Dean and I met in the spring of 2013 in St. Petersburg, FL.   We were colleagues and maintained a professional relationship during the few months we worked together.  It wasn't until we were reassigned to different facilities (I remained in Florida, He moved to the Midwest) that our friendship evolved.   We would email each other occasionally checking in to a see how the other was doing with their new job.  In one of those emails, I stated that I was going to be stuck at the Chicago airport for 4 hours due to my work travel itinerary.     Dean suggested that if I could arrange a longer layover, he would show me around Chicago.  So on October 28th we had what turned out to be our first date.  We spent the day together as he showed me the sights between flights.  I got back on a plane that evening knowing that something had changed in our friendship.   We began calling more and more frequently.  Dean came back to Florida for a couple of visits and it was at Christmas, we became a couple.    We dated long distance for six long months before I took that plunge and moved up the Midwest to be with him in July of 2014.  We bought an old house in the town of Bettendorf, Iowa and began to renovate it. From top to bottom, we did all the work ourselves.   We worked so incredibly well together.  It was amazing.  Our chemistry is perfect for one another.  Everything felt so right.   We joked that we have known each other for 400 years.  We belonged together.  We knew we were going to marry at some point. So, we sat down in the fall of 2015 to make it official and chose a date in May of 2016.    We had a beautiful small wedding with only close friends and family on May 7 2016.  We had a gorgeous sunset wedding on the beach in Florida  in the town where we met.   "

I was super happy and of course honour to be part of such a wonderful and beautiful wedding with Dawn and Dean. The day was super smooth and beautiful moments... here some of my favourites...


Photography: Mir Salgado Photography

Location: Treasure Island, Fl

Catering: Port A Pit BBQ Serving Weddings, Picnics & Corporate Events

Spotlight Catering of Tampa Bay Serving Weddings & Corporate Events

Music: Loris Caines Steel Drums for the soul

Rings : Angura

Cake: Publix

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