Tampa Smash Cake | Purple and Blue Themed First Birthday | Sofia Cake Smash Session

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Tampa Smash cake |Sofia

It’s a known fact, that first birthday’s are beyond adorable and we have the pictures to prove it. Sofia stole our heart and she’s about to steal yours too. For Sofia’s first birthday, her mom wanted to focus on a purple and blue theme from the decor to the sweet treats! See even more captured below! We’ll even be giving you a few tips to make sure you’re prepared to bring your little ones on a photo shoot.

Preparing for a long day of picture-taking with the kids, would send most parents to the looney bin. We have some simple tips, to ensure that your session is a breeze:

ONE Plan Ahead of Time and Arrive On Time. The night before, make sure everyone is in bed at a decent time. A great night’s rest will translate into pictures. Make sure you’re up early to prepare for any delays either in getting your kids ready or delays in traffic to arrive on time.

TWO Pack Water and Food. Always make sure you packed water and food for your little ones. As the day goes on, they get hungry. Having their favorite snacks on hand to curb their hunger will keep them happy.

THREE Bring Extra Clothes. Bringing a change of clothes can vary session to session. If you’re shooting in multiple locations, having different outfits for each area can offer variety to your images. Sometimes your picture session may get a little messy with your props, or the weather may affect your shoot. Always be prepared for any changes and have options available.

FOUR Bring Toys/Games. If you’re bringing one or more kids, its always a good idea to have toys or video games to keep your kids occupied during the downtime.

Thankfully, these tips will make for a smooth photo session!


Cake: Suggar Bitess Instagram

Outfit: Etsy

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