How To to Get Better Graduation Pictures | Photography Tips

How-to-get-better-graduation-photos, video-tutorial
How-to-get-better-graduation-photos, video-tutorial


The first step for any photo session and ensuring amazing images is communication between the photographer and the client. Discuss with your clients or graduates what are the expectations of the session. What kind of ideas does your client want to recreate? Does the graduate have location ideas, props, different outfits, or certain poses that they would like to use? Establishing the vision of the graduation session takes strong communication between both parties and you guys will become a team.

How-to-get-better-graduation-photos, video-tutorial
How-to-get-better-graduation-photos, video-tutorial


Location is all about timing and lighting. After, the photographer and client have discussed a vision for the graduation photos. Securing a location is next. Most photographers may have an idea of which location has a certain background that the client is looking for. Photographers also know what time of day will be best to get the type of images that you’re looking for. Once you’re able to agree on a location, of course, the photographer and the client will be able to have fun with the background and may be able to take more pictures that fits the client’s idea!

How-to-get-better-graduation-photos, video-tutorial

Trust Your Photographer

Clients, trust your photographer! We cannot stress this enough on how important this is. Photographers have been working in many different locations and may have seen a place that fits your idea. If you have a Pinterest board or image ideas to show your photographer, that will guarantee your photographer knows what kind of setting and concept you want for your graduation pictures. Photographers know what kind of images would look good certain locations. If photos should be taken outside or inside, daytime or night time. Maybe if its something specific, it may be better to shoot the pictures in the studio. The photographer may also share a list of best locations depending on what type of look you’re going for. Where the photographer or client can decide.


How-to-get-better-graduation-photos, video-tutorial

Its extremely significant that both the photographer and the client are having fun during the session. Your attitude and demeanor shows in your images. Everyone having fun will translate better into images. If something looks bad or needs to be adjusted, the photographer will take initiative and mention what needs to be corrected. Trust your photographer to tell you “move these, move that, do this with your hand, put your hand here, put your hand there”. Clients, think of your photographers as a “coach.” Photographers, coach your clients in between and let them know the best way to pose. Photographers should always be talking with their clients from behind the camera. Making conversation, smiling and laughing naturally will create beautiful candid moments that really look amazing. Some of the best images I have are those laughs, those smiles. So, just relax and have fun!

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