Spring Hill, Florida Engagement session at the beach | Nalenie + Amit

Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-photographer

Nalenie has been my client since her 21st bday!! I don’t know if you remember her.. she had a beautiful celebration with her family and friends in Spring Hills, FL.

But this time is different and more special, she is engaged with Amit. Her brother introduced Amit to her sister and since then they have been best friends and now they are planning to spend their rest of their lives together.

They are always smiling, hugging and caring for each other… I love the way they look at each other and how Amit makes Nalenie smile always!!

We went to the beach when they had their first “date”, looking at the sunset hugging and thinking about their future together as husband and wife.

Even it was super windy that day, we spent an awesome time walking around and trying to get some AWESOME memories for them .

Check here some of my favorite ones.

Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-engagement-photo, Tampa-wedding-photographer
Tampa-engagement-session, beach-engagement-session, Florida-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-engagement-session-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-photos-at-the-beach
Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-couples, Tampa-photographer
Tampa-engagement-photo, Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-engagement-session
Tampa-engagement-photos, Tampa-engagement-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer
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Spring-Hills-engagement-session, beach-engagement-session
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Tampa-beach-engagement-session, Tampa-beach-couple, Tampa-photographer
Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-beach-engagement-session
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Tampa-photographer, Florida-engagement-session
Spring-hills-engagement-session, beach-engagement-session
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer
Tampa-engagement-session, Tampa-engagement-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer