Hotel Zamora, St.Pete beach wedding day | Jessica & Michael

St.Pete-wedding-photo, Hotel-Zamora-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photographer

It was strikingly frigid and the wind was monstrous on this December afternoon, but that did not put a halt on this couple's beautiful beach wedding photo session. Jessica and Michael (originally from Chicago) bared the weather rather well, and as a result this sweet couple produced eye catching photos. The passion in their eyes and the beautiful smiles on their faces made this session a glorious one. 

The bride wore an elegant white dress equipped with a thread lace top design with an open back look, parted by a bedazzling rhinestone ribbon wedding belt, and finished with an extricate satin train. The groom strutted two different fashionable accoutrements for this special occasion. The beach accoutrement was composed of a white dress shirt, around the neck lay a navy blue bowtie with a small blue and purple flower design, a white boutonniere pinned to his shirt, light blue-gray suspenders connected the outfit together, and khaki pants finished the appearance. For the grooms second attire, he wore a classic black suit with a white dress shirt, and a black bowtie with a small gray and blue design to add flair to this look. 

On the beach, white chairs were lined up, rapped in bright teal ribbons, awaiting the guests. Ahead of the seats stood a post modern arbor with teal curtains on the front and white ones on the sides. The header and tiebacks consisted of white floral decoration. The tiebacks also featured white starfish. Inside at the Zamora hotel, the tables were covered with white tablecloth, the center pieces (a candle holding lamp with a tan starfish attached to it, surrounded by beach shells, and small silver candle holders) and plates laid on a teal satin cloth, silver utensils and glass cups for each guest. The cake was from a local publix bakery and to make it special the couple had their own topper of two bears (one bride and one groom) with a heart that had 'Mr. & Mrs." on it. They had a saxophone player named Stacey Knights, who played on the beach and at the hotel   

They are forever devoted to one another; forever best friends; lovers to the end. Their vows said it all, (especially their ring vows, they were the sugar on top). Their ring vows to each other are everlasting words that touch every heart:

"This ring is a token of my love. I marry you with this ring, with all that I have and all that I am."

VENUE: Hotel Zamora

CEREMONY: Tide the Knot beach weddings

St.Pete-beach-wedding, St.Pete-wedding
St.Pete-beach-wedding, St.Pete-beach-wedding
St.Pete-wedding-photo. , beach-wedding, Florida-beach-wedding
ST.Pete-wedding-set-up, tide-the-knot-beach-weddings
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ST.Pete-wedding-photography, St.Pete-beach-wedding, Florida-wedding-photographer
St.Pete-beach-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photography, Tide-the-knot-beach-weddings
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, St.Pete-beach-wedding, Florida-wedding-photographer
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, St.Pete-beach-weddings
St.Pete-beach-wedding, St.Pete-beach-wedding-photography
Florida-beach-wedding, Tampa-wedding-photographer
St.Pete-wedding, St.Pete-beach-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photographer
St.Pete-beach-wedding-photographer, St.Pete-wedding-photo, Florida-beach-wedding
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
Hotel-Zamora-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photographer
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
Hotel-Zamora-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photographer
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, St.Pete-wedding-photo
St.Pete-wedding-photo, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, St.Pete-beach-wedding, Hotel-zamora-wedding
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, St.Pete-wedding
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
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St.Pete-wedding-photographer, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
St.Pete-wedding-photographer, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
Hotel-Zamora-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photographer
Hotel-Zamora-wedding, St.Pete-wedding-photographer, bride-and-groom-photo
Hotel-Zamora-wedding, ST.Pete-wedding-photographer, Tampa-wedding-photographer
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Maybe I should smash this whole slice on your face
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haha just kidding I wouldn’t do that, but maybe just...
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haha I love you
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St.Pete-wedding-photographer, Hotel-Zamora-wedding
Hotel-Zamora-wedding, St.Pete-wedding