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Florida has the most wonderful and beautiful beaches. Sarasota for example has this gorgeous and intimate beach located in Lido key. This spot here is a gorgeous and quite park that provides everything to have a gorgeous and beautiful beach wedding.

Since I moved from London to Tampa, I am in love of this spot. Definitely Lido key beach is by far a GORGEOUS spot to celebrate a beach wedding, this exactly spot is located at the Ted Sperling park in Sarasota, Fl. I had the chance to shoot so many beach wedding ceremonies hete with the amazing team of Tide the Knot beach weddings, who coordinates EVERYTHING about destination weddings or weddings at the beach. So if you are looking to get a beach wedding in Florida , take a look here in this gorgeous beach and if you need a coordinator dont hesitate in contact them or simply watch this video Why you should hire a wedding coordinator. 

This place has beautiful green areas, with tall trees, bushes, sand dunes and of course GORGEOUS view of the Gulf of Mexico, wit that unique blue color. Easy parking, baths and showers close and of course picnic tables with a playground area.

LOCATION: Ted Sperling Park

COORDINATOR: Tide the Knot beach weddings

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