Tampa Model Headshots | Daijsa Orlando's Perfect Pre-Teen headshots

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Daijsa is Orlando's perfect Pre-Teen 2017, pageant winner of the Worlds Perfect Pageant  the past month of June!!! A beautiful twelve years old girl with big dreams, who started this journey  "by accident". She is a gymnastic and during a practice she had an injury and had to stop doing gymnastics for a several months. But something new and great was going to happen, she started to participate in pageants , having great success !!.

Daijsa fell in love with this and continued to participate , she is ready for the International Worlds Perfect Pageant next August, and she is ready to win this time.

To know more about this Pageant READ HERE or Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Tampa-photographer, Tampa-model, Child-model-photoshoot
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-model
Tampa-children-photography, Tampa-model-photoshoot
Tampa-model-photo, Tampa-photographer
Tampa-model-photo, worlds-perfect-pageant
Worlds-perfect-pageant-model, Tampa-model-photo
Tampa-studio-photography, Tampa-model-photoshoot
worlds-perfect-pageant, Tampa-photographer
Worlds-perfect-pageant-2017, Orlandos-perfect-pageant, Orlando-model-photo
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-model-photoshoot
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-model-photo
Tampa-model-photo, Tampa-photographer
Orlandos-perfect-model, Worlds-perfect-pageant
Worlds-perfect-pageant, Orlandos-perfect-pageant
Worlds-perfect-pageant, Tampa-photographer
Tampa-photographer, Tampa-model-photo
Worlds-perfect-pageant-preteen, Tampa-photography-of-model
Orlandos-perfect-preteen, Worlds-perfect-pageant