How to ROCK your next travel PHOTOS | Best tips to take the best photos


I have to be honest with you guys, I have been in love of photography my whole life. Since I could hold a camera in my hands I have been always the one who take the photos during holidays, vacations, parties and every social and not social event we have been. And by "we" I mean me and my family, friends, kids, husband or colleagues. This is something I really love to do, and lately I have been doing small trips with my husband around Tampa area. The last small weekend off we had together, without kids or work, was this last weekend. We drove to Miami and had a lot of fun, but I really want to share the story and the details about our trip in photos. So I realised there is a lot of my friends & clients who LOVE to take pics during their trips but not always the results are GREAT.


So, I did a small video to share with all of you and to help you to ROCK those images for your next trip. Easy and simple tips everyone can follow, you will not regret to follow some or all of my tips to do GREAT SHOTS of your next travel. Also I included some of my favourites APPS to edit the images in your phone. 

Hope you like it and hope you got to ROCK your images during this summer, and during your next trip.