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If there is something I love about this new trend is having these little guys around during the wedding as part of the bridal party, its super important for the owners to be possible . And today this is possible, do you wanna know how?? 

Here are five tips How your pet can be part of your wedding day:

1.- FIND A PROFESSIONAL in this area. Fairy PetCare is a company in charge of many services like Wedding Pet Sitting & Wedding Day Pet Coordination. They are the best professionals in Tampa area. They will help you with the process and sitting during the day , so you can be able to enjoy every moment of your wedding day.


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2.- BE REALISTIC: You are the only one who knows more than anyone your pet (dog, cat, pig...) so be realistic and evaluate all the possible things that could make this possible or not. If you know that your dog is shy or get really nervous around strangers, you should probably consider this possibility kind of an issue, it is not impossible tho!!! You can plan your wedding with enough time in advance so your little friend can be training!!!

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3.- CHOOSE THE BEST TIME for it to join the Bridal party, or the photo session. You can always decide what time could be the best and easy time for it to be part of your wedding day. It could be walking down the aisle with the bridal party, it could be just during the formal pics, or it could be during a specific event during your day. 

4.- PICK THE CORRECT OUTFIT: Sometimes we want to have them all dress up, but you must have to consider the weather and the location. You best friend also could be "dying" in cloths if the weather is to hot or could be freezing in a cold location if it is not well dress. Consider all possibilities , seasons and prepare it for have a great day with you two.

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5.- GIVE THEM SPACE: normally the animals like to have their own space, so be careful with this, try to get to it a big cage for take naps and enjoy time by it self as it normally does at home. If you know it normally has their own space for it and naps, then find a way to give it to it also during this special day. For it this could be the difference to have a nice day or a night mare and stressful day. 

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