The Importance of printing my photographs

So much time planning a wedding, the hours dreaming about the perfect day, colours, details, food, invitations, flowers, dresses and the most important THE UNIQUE MOMENTS you are gonna have with your fiancé and family. Or the time you are waiting to see your baby face for the first time.. or the first christmas card you sent to your family.. isn't all those moments unique??

Some of the questions when I talk with my future clients (bride and groom, families, parents, pregnant women, etc) are the time you are gonna take to edit those beautiful moments ,or the perfect location, the time, the date, etc. But actually I am more interested in talk about having some prints of those beautiful memories. Today everyone can have thousands of images in their mobile devices and on their computers. When I was a child my grandmother showed me albums of photos about my mother and aunts, pictures that are gonna stay forever in those albums... in pictures we can feel and smell... but today who print those memories?

I think is super important for the people to realise that having something to touch and see is more important with the past of the years so, you can remember and feel those memories again. An album, prints photos or even a frame at your house is something you can totally share more with your family and friends, remembering your wedding day, the born of your children, the first christmas card , the puppy and more memories in your life...

My advice for all the people who invest in a session, in a wedding day or in a photography service is ALWAYS to print those memories and share them . You will not have a regret of having your beautiful baby face in a frame or your favouritewedding picture hanging in the wall of your bedroom.