Tampa Garden Club Wedding | Chelsea & Jarrett

Chelsea & Jarrett are a super sweet couple, they had a BEAUTIFUL fall day in FLORIDA, YES it was perfect, sunny but not humidity. We started the day at the Chase Inn , where Chelsea and bridesmaids were to getting ready. Afterwards the ceremony was in other location, the beautiful Seminole Heights Center. We took there the family portraits and some bridal portraits. They looked GORGEOUS in their gowns, full of LOVE and happiness. The reception was in a third location , the Tampa Garden Club. This place was all decorated in orchids and purple, she was the one who baked the Wedding cake and the groom's cake, you have to see both to tell she is an ARTIST!!! Their StoryWe met while we were in college in early 2011 and began dating later that year. Proposal: We had planned to go to St. Augustine for our 2 year anniversary in 2013, but I had some chronic health issues so we never ended up going. We again planned to go in 2014 (while I was in law school in Gainesville), but I had even more unresolved health issues (I ended up medically withdrawing from law school for this reason). I had surgery in January 2015 (Stage 3 endometriosis + ovarian cysts + appendectomy) and I was feeling so much better afterwards. So FINALLY, we decided 2015 we were DEFINITELY going to St Augustine for our anniversary. We went, had the BEST time. Just enjoyed each other’s company on the 4 hour drive, checked out the sights, etc. Jarrett had planned a fancy meal for us but I didn’t feel like a fancy meal so we got our meals at a local vegan place, which ended up being delicious (bonus: it was only $25 including the tip). We had talked about going on a ghost tour and I had been bugging him ALL day about calling the ghost tour place and making sure we had reservations. Finally, after dinner he tells me he has a surprise for me and I’m excited thinking we’re going on a ghost tour and he tells me he booked a surprise horse and carriage ride through the historic city. (I admit I was a bit disappointed at first because I SO wanted to do that ghost tour LOL). So we go on that, and it was rather bumpy so I didn’t feel too great having just had dinner. Afterwards (after we had to walk to an ATM to get cash out to pay the carriage driver…they didn’t take cards, oops!) he asked if I wanted to go for a walk along the water, so I said sure. We were just having so much fun all day. He took me out to this secluded little dock area, and we were laughing about how windy it was and chatting and everything just felt right. I remember my jaw was hurting because I had been smiling so wide all day. He started saying some sweet things and when I turned around to look at him, he was getting down on one knee! I thought it was some kind of joke, until he said some more sweet stuff that I don’t remember and pulled a tissue out of his pocket and pulled the most perfect ring out of it. He proposed using my full name (which I had told him in the very beginning of our relationship he could never say unless he was asking me to marry him) and of course I accepted. Afterwards, I was hugging him on the dock and he said, “By the way, your dad says he would be honored to have me as a part of the family” and I totally lost it – started crying, etc. He knew how important it was to me that he ask my dad for my hand in marriage. He later admitted that he was terrified I would drop the ring on the dock and it would fall in the water (I’m clumsy like that) and we just laughed about it.?

Love Vendors
CEREMONY: Seminole Heights Garden Center
Wedding Coordinator: Vicki Goonen , Beachangels Notary Weddings
MUAH: Bella Ti Artistry
Officiant: Monica Bird
Dress: The Dressing Room
Bar: Spunky Spirits Bartending Services
DJ: Pam Acosta , PJ The DJ Entertainment
CATERING: The Empress Tea Room & Bistro with Divine Menus Catering
CAKES: Custom Cakes by Chelsea
VIDEO: Allura Studios
PHOTO: Mir Salgado Photography
Mir Salgado Canoa / Sergio Canoa / Jaimi Weatherspoon

 — con Vicki GoonenPam AcostaChelsea BusaJT JTMir Salgado CanoaThe Dressing Room BoutiqueBella Ti ArtistrySeminole Heights Garden Center y Allura Studios.

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Please Feel free to watch this beautiful trailer work of ALLURA STUDIOS. !! SUPER Romantic!