There is more than a thousand reasons for been THANKFUL ... I have experienced so many things in my thirty four years now, I was born and raised in a beautiful country, with a lovely and amazingly talented family. I wake up every morning and see how lucky I am of having so much love, health and happiness around me. I got married my best friend who complements me in many ways, I have two beautiful and healthy kids, who are my sunshine and my EVERYTHING... I can continue this counting of blessing and probably I will discover that I have more than thousands, millions and billions reasons to be THANKFUL not just today, EVERYDAY of my life.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my family , friends, clients and people around me who make me who I am and make me smile everyday :)

By the way this photo was taken by my oldest child who WON the first Place in his category at the PHOTOGRAPHY contest with the theme "What is your Story?"

Hugs ! XOXO

Mir :)