Celebrating my New Website & New Logo in my birthday!!!

Every single year I try to do something different and new in my birthday and this time wasn't different... I decided to launch my new website & logo this special day!! 

I am really happy about the way my business is going right now, I am really proud of the goals and achievements I did last year and this one I have a feeling is gonna be awesome.

I create with my husband a new company ALLURA STUDIOS, LLC , in this company we are doing a partnership bringing photography and videography services for portrait sessions, weddings, events and commercial propose !! So please take the time to know more about our services and contact us any time to Make your moments , unique memories forever...

Big THANKS to Paulina Flores who made possible to have a logo in short time!! 
If you want to contact her:
Designer: Paulina Flores
Mail: paubeat69@hotmail.com