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Wedding Photography Commercial from Mir*Salgado Photography on Vimeo.

Tampa New Born Photography | Regina

December 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
I can't explain the happiness I felt the moment I saw for the first time the little face of this beautiful baby girl of mine. It was a magic moment only other mother can understand. We had been bless with this beautiful baby girl last November 2nd. Even the due date was October 31st, Regina decided to surprise her parents and family two days after.
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Don't be afraid of using FLASH!!

October 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Every time I heard someone saying they prefer Natural Light instead using Flash, I got the idea they had a bad experience with FLASH. Natural Ligth is AMAZING, STUNNING and PERFECT but lets be honest...it is just sometimes!!! I had the opportunity to work in different countries, so I can tell you sometimes in London the Natural Ligth isn't the best...
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Tampa New born Session | Emilia

October 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Like a beautiful flower is Emilia, so candid, fresh, full of color and brightness!!! She is adorable and sweet at the same time, her big eyes were always open during our session. She was so focus on my voice and the noise of my camera that we couldn't do some pics of her sleeping... but definitely it didn't mind at all, because we got so many amazi...
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Tampa Maternity Session | Mayra + Drew Snyder

September 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
I have to say that this couple is just amazing, they knew each other by Internet and fall in love so quick that they decided to get marry as soon as possible!!! They were living in Mexico and just moved to Tampa last December!! Drew is a colleague work of my husband and she is Mexican as me, so we have a lot in common!! We speak most of the time i...
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Tips for getting natural smiles out of your clients!!

September 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Every single photographer wants to capture "natural smiles" in every shooting... sometimes is really easy, and others is a challenge to do it. I have some tricks to spend an amazing time with my clients and capture those moments plenty of joyful and happiness. So Im gonna list my top five tips to get those natural and big smiles of everyone in fron...
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Tampa New born Session | Liam & Family

September 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Elena contacted me by someone else, actually she got my info because one of the TSS (Tampa Shutter Sisters) girls. We met at the Starbucks coffee, and planned all the ideas for this session. Her due date was after the 10th of August!!! But Liam decided to surprise his parents coming to this world a little early!! August 1st was the day Elena and he...
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Behind the scenes | Portugal "trash the dress" session

August 26, 2014  •  2 Comments
TSS Tampa Shutter Sisters is a group o f strong women focused on empowering each other while building their own businesses up. We share knowledge, experiences and work, so we can be better in our profession as photographers day by day. This is a weekly blog about us and our job! So I am gonna share with you some photos of me "Behind the scenes". I...
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Tuscaloosa Maternity Session | Fam.Canoa

August 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
We are a family not so common as many other... my husband was born in German but his nationality is Portuguese, my little boy with four years now was born in the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain but also his nationality is Portuguese, I was born in Mexico and now we are living in USA since last December 2013. Multicultural family traveling around 7...
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Zumba Class | Grand Hampton, Tampa.

August 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Maria Montero is an amazing, energetic & funny woman!! She has a team of Zumba, all of them are amazing people taking care of the health of many people around Tampa. They have special & different types of Zumba Classes!! Maria is a certified Zumba instructor since 2007, & loves to dance with people of all ages!! Maria invited me to document this c...
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